And here we are – 10 memorable years are behind us! It is not easy to put into words all the feelings and emotions that burst like fireworks today! So instead, we decided to do something that is not very obvious for artists – some MATH! Let’s look at the numbers…
During these past 10 years OUK Theatre brought to life:
– 40+ PRODUCTIONS for all ages with actors 6-30 years old!
– Over 200 creative events
– Ran over 100 WORKSHOPS in Canada and abroad
– Participated in 18 International FESTIVALS
– Organized 6 International CHILDREN’s THEATRE EXCHANGES
– Taught HUNDREDS of children and performed for THOUSANDS!
– TOURED Ottawa region, Toronto, Washington DC, Atlanta, Orlando, Stratford ON, Lingen (Germany)
– Performed for INCREDIBLE AUDIENCES that saw us on theatre stages of all sorts, forms and sizes, streets, squares and parks of different cities, festivals, National Arts Centre, universities, schools, libraries, daycares, cafes, and tons of experimental spaces!…

WE FEEL that it’s a good start to enter a NEW DECADE that attracts us with new artistic challenges, new friendships, new experiences and new theatrical adventures!



We are inviting new students to join our theatre classes in September 2017!
New classes this year:
– Beginners Acting and Play Production, ages 9-14 (English).
In the program: acting, movement, speech, ensemble work; trips to see professional theatre, theatre criticism workshops, presentation of the final performances at the international festivals.
– Theatre Production: Stage Design, ages 8-16 (English)
Students will be building set for all the theatre’s productions this year, make props, learn how to operate sound and lighting, they will go to see professional productions in theatre, and go on backstage tours around Ottawa theatres.
Perfect for those who love to work with their hands and want to learn about backstage tricks and magic!

For the rest of the classes, please, verify if we have any openings!

For info and registration contact: onceuponakingdom@gmail.com

Events Calendar for April-May-June 2016

Date & Time Event Location
April 23rd
Shadow Theatre Workshop at NAC
As part of our partnership with the National Arts Center Family Series we will be providing one of many activities for children before one of their concerts.  Our workshop will allow children to explore the world of shadow theatre.
National Arts Center,
53 Elgin St., Ottawa
May 7th
7 am-12pm
Come over and find some wonderful things while helping us to raise money for our students’ grand tour to the World Festival of Children’s Theatre in Stratford, ON in June 2016!
Facebook Event:
60 Lindhurst Cr, Ottawa
May 15th
Junior Performance on Earth Stage
Our Junior group will perform scenes from their new show “Gymnastics for the Little Frog” on 100 Watt Earth Stage at the Ottawa Children’s Festival.
Dining Tent,
LeBreton Flats Park in Ottawa, near the Canadian War Museum.
May 20th
7:00 pm
“Gymnastics for the Baby Frog”
by Junior Russian Acting class
Tickets: Pay What You Can at the door.
Followed by Potluck – bring a dish!
Banquet Hall,
Woodroffe United Church, 207 Woodroffe Ave, Ottawa.
May 21st
6:00 pm
“The Flying Machine” &
“The Legend of Parvana Lake”
by Intermediate and Advanced classes.
The evening of two shows followed by the Roundtable discussion – open to the public.
Tickets: Adult $12; Child $10
Academic Hall,
135 Seraphin-Marion Pvt, University of Ottawa.
May 28th
School Performance
of  “The Legend of Parvana Lake”Open to students of the school only.
Frank Ryan School,
128 Chesterton Drive.
June 4-14th
Date of the show:
June 7th
7pm & 8:15pm
World Festival of Children’s Theatre
“The Legend of Parvana Lake”
Advanced class tours to the festival with the show “The Legend of Parvana Lake”.
Stratford, ON

Creation In Motion

We aits_showtimere happy to invite you to another series of Open Theatre Presentations where our students will share with you some secrets of theatre creation that they were busy with for the past 3 months.

Friday, December 11, 6:30 pmBeginners Russian group at Banquet Hall. Instructors: Ekaterina Vetrov and Alexander Vetrov.
Tuesday, December 15, 6:45 pm – Intermediate English group and Improv class at Lower Hall. Instructors: Alexandra Isenor and Simon L. Lalande.
Thursday, December 17, 6:30 pm – Advanced Russian group (Acting and Dance) at Banquet Hall. Instructors: Ekaterina Vetrov, Alexander Vetrov, Mariya Bugrova.

All performances are FREE and located at Woodroffe United Church (207 Woodroffe Ave.).
Voluntarily donations can be done at the entrance.
There is a celebration of the end of the session after each performance in a form of POTLUCK! Bring a tasty dish and join our theatre crowd!

Please, share with your friends of all ages, so they could also enjoy an evening of theatre!

Looking forward to see you all in our theatre!




Our theatre has been accepted to the World Festival of Children’s Theatre to represent CANADA among other 18 countries from six continents! This huge European festival will be coming to North America for the first time, taking place in StratfordON, June 5-14th, 2016. We could not be more happy, honoured and inspired to be the only theatre company from Canada to be selected by the International jury!

Our Senior Advanced group (ages 9-15) will be bringing our new creation “The Legend of Parvana Lake”– the show done in the style of physical theatre and shadow theatre with elements of contemporary dance. You can catch this show in Ottawa on May 21st, 2016 at the Academic Hall, University of Ottawa. More information to follow!

Follow us in our Facebook Group as we prepare for this big challenge!

Read an article “Local troupe gets big invitation” in Metro News Ottawa! http://www.metronews.ca/news/ottawa/2015/10/04/local-theatre-company-going-to-international-festival.html

If you would like to support children helping their most passionate theatre dreams come true, press DONATE button and make a big difference in your community! All donations will go towards set, costumes and lighting for shadows as we prepare for the show, as well as food, transportation and accommodations for our students  to make their touring experience as smooth and memorable as possible! THANK YOU!

1st Theatre Exchange had tremendous success!

Let us look back at Children’s Theatre Exchange: Ottawa meets Atlanta that happened in June 2015. So many beautiful things happened in the course of one week and those events will always stay in the hearts of each and every participant, whether they were children or adults.
We are happy to share with you our written thoughts and visuals that express our feelings about Exchange 2015.

Our Theatre Exchange is over and you might ask – what is left? Being just a couple of days away, I am still too emotional to talk rationally about all the specifics of the experience we all went through. But I am asking myself, why am I walking around all day today smiling and my heart is beating faster? I will be honest with you and myself: I’ve been studying and working in theatre for 20 years, but what has happened to us during this past week, was the most breathtaking experience of theatre I ever had. Why does it feel that way? I don’t know yet and I would need too many words to describe it. What I know for sure is that I deeply fell in love with theatre one more time!
– Ekaterina Vetrov, Artistic Director of Once Upon a Kingdom Theatre

I think this exchange was the greatest acting experience I’ve had, and so far one of my greatest life experiences. I know for a fact that any theater would love to take part in such a creative exchange.
– Ilia, age 12, Solo Theater School  (Atlanta, GA)

My favorite part of the whole trip was none other than the camp fires we had with OUK. I had a blast talking with friends, roasting marshmallows, and hearing others sing songs.
– Nikolay, age 12, Solo Theater School (Atlanta, GA)

I have never participated in any other theatre exchange programs before. It was my first experience. During the program I learned that backstage people like me are very important part of the performance. <…> When I decided to take part of the program my goal was to learn how theatre operates from behind the stage and to put myself into test whether I can help. During the week I was shown how to take care of costumes, how to apply makeup, decorate props, and hand out programs. I tried to do my best so that the performance went smoothly.
– Anna, age of 10, Once Upon a Kingdom Theatre (Ottawa)

Once the Children Theatre Exchange was over I couldn’t get over it. I kept thinking that SOLO Theatre never left. Many people asked me if the week was worth all the time and energy but there is no hesitation when I say that, of course I loved it and I would fly to Atlanta in a heartbeat. I didn’t just spend a week of my life growing a second family just to let it go to waste. I think this week full of wonderful activities and people helped me grow as an actor, mainly because it reminded me how much importance theatre has in my life. There is no better way to rediscover theatre than with new life-long friends. During the week I found renewed energy and excitement. <…>
The best way to describe this experience in one sentence is with a quote from the hit Broadway musical, Wicked, “And now whatever way our stories end, I know you have rewritten mine by being my friend.”
– Aliza Itskovich, age of 15, Once Upon a Kingdom Theatre (Ottawa)




headerApril 26th – Performance of the poetic composition “In the Fall” at the Spring Ball, Dance With Us Ottawa, 80-B, Jamie Avenue. (Senior Russian group)

May 9th – 100 Watt Earth Stage, Ottawa International Children’s Festival
10am & 11:30am – “The Myth of the Dreamcatcher”, the show by Junior English Group
3:00pm – “Theatre Debate”: live critical discussion of the show “Hansel and Gretel”, Gruppe 38. Discussion led by Brianna MacFarlane, participants – Senior group (in English).

May 11th, 4pm – “The Myth of the Dreamcatcher”, the show by Junior English Group at Assumption School.

June 5th, 6:00pm – “The Magic Paintbrush” by Senior Russian Group and “The Flying Ship” by Solo School, Atlanta. Kailash Mital Theatre, Carleton University.

Children’s Theatre Exchange: TWO SHOWS!

tickets_pictureWe invite our young audiences and adults to see two magical shows in one evening!
The shows are part of the International Multicultural Children’s Theatre Exchange program. This year the language of presentation is Russian.

When: Friday, June 5th, 6:00-9:00pm
Where: Kailash Mital Theatre, Carleton University,
                 1125 Colonel By Dr, Ottawa.

1) “The Magic Paintbrush”/ “Волшебная кисточка”
Comedic Fairy-tale
Directed by Ekaterina Vetrov
Presented by students of Once Upon a Kingdom Theatre Studio (Ottawa, ON).

2) “The Flying Ship”/ “Летучий корабль”
Мusical Fairy-tale
Directed by Ivan Logvinov
Presented by students of Solo School (Atlanta, USA).

Suitable for children ages 6 and up.

Tickets: $20 for the evening (includes both shows).
Get your tickets at Russian store “Stolichni ” (2280 Carling Ave) or
online on our Webiste HERE:

DisabledFor group prices or other info, please, contact:
613-868-8343 (Ekaterina) or 613-986-8118 (Alexander)

Children’s Theatre Exchange: Ottawa meets Atlanta, June 2015!

Our new theatre project for children is here! Take a look!

In June 2015 two theatres will meet to participate in our new International project – Children’s Theatre Exchange: Once Upon a Kingdom Theatre (Ottawa, Canada) and Solo Theatre (Atlanta, USA).

Children’s Theatre Exchange provides an opportunity for children who participate in theatre groups of various cities to find friends with similar interests; exchange and share their theatre experience; broaden perception of the theatre world; learn to engage into open discussions about each other’s work skilfully and professionally; and find joy in collective creation with new people.

The program is designed for participants ages up to 18 years old and open to theatres who create in any genre and in any language!

In the course of one week, children will share their original shows with each other and general public (this time in Russian), participate in acting workshops lead by professional theatre practitioners, lead discussions at the round-table and theatre debates, write and publish theatre reviews, and spend unforgettable days full of friendship and creativity.

The shows will take place on June 5th at Kailash Mital Theatre at Carleton U and open to general public!
“Летучий корабль”/ “The Flying Ship”, directed by Ivan Logvinov, Solo Theatre.
“Волшебная кисточка”/ “The Magic Brush”, directed by Ekaterina Vetrov, OUK Theatre.
Tickets are on sale NOW!

If you’d like to SUPPORT this unique initiative, please, check out our cool video and donate today!

Even $1 matters for us! All sponsors will receive cool gifts!
Let’s help children to realize their dreams!



We would like to invite you to watch the final presentations by our students that highlight their work of the first semester. All shows consist of short scenes and acting exercises that the students mastered over the past 3 months.

December 14th, 2:30-3:30pm (Senior Group): Advanced Acting Open Class.
Location: Banquet Hall at Woodroffe United Church, 207 Woodroffe Ave.
The focus of this term has been process, not presentation; to that end we would love to have your presence on the last day of our process together! We will offer you a taste of our work together, all aimed at enriching and developing the skills of the actors – such as using text to create a moment in the life of a character, deceptively simple acting exercises, and some mini scenes using a minimal of spoken language but a wealth of unspoken language.

December 15th, 5:30-7:00pm (Junior Group #1): Spooks and Sounds.
Location: Banquet Hall at Woodroffe United Church, 207 Woodroffe Ave.
From the land of monsters and witches comes our tales of hauntings and myth. Through the development of the voice and innovative use of the body, our young actors have worked to incorporate sound effects to compliment our spooky tales.

December 16th, 7:00-8:30pm (Junior Group #2): Living Objects: A Workshop in Puppetry
Location: Lower Hall at Woodroffe United Church, 207 Woodroffe Ave.
From small refined details to large boisterous personalities our actors have been working to animate and characterize the inanimate to delight all audiences. Requiring the utmost focus and imagination these young actors are eager to share their puppet characters created from their own imaginations.