Theatre Studio Performances 2010!

We would like to invite you to the final performances of the semester of our theatre studios! This year our students will show you new experimental performances in a format of “Interactive Theatre”! We invite you not only to watch our shows, but also become active participants in them!

Junior Studio (Children 7-11)
“Contest of Feathery and Furry Talents!”
December 16th, 2010 at 6:45pm
Woodroffe United Church, Banquet Hall (207 Woodroffe Avenue, Ottawa)
We suggest our audiences to support the theme and come dressed in costumes of different birds and animals.

Senior Studio (Children 9-13)
“Saloon ‘Seven Moons’”

December 20th, 2010 at 7pm
Cafe Alternatif, 60 Universite Priv, basement of Simard Hall, University of Ottawa
We suggest our audiences to support the theme of Wild West and come dressed in costumes of cowboys.

The entrance is free and open for everyone!

The performances will be followed by a potluck, so, please, bring some food for the table.

See you in the theatre!

Acting Workshop: Impulse, Intuition, Transformation.

Sunday, November 7th, 2010
at University of Ottawa.

After many requests, Once Upon a Kingdom Theatre is glad to offer the Acting Workshop for adults (18 and up)!

Fast reaction and response to various everyday situation, good intuition and positive attitude when interacting with people (family, friends, co-workers), rich imagination and confident behaviour are key to success in life! This workshop will develop your skills to react and respond quickly to unexpected situations that happen in life, interact with people easily and intuitively, use your imagination and learn to relax when performing on public.

For experienced actors this workshop will push beyond the actor’s existing parameters, strengthen actor’s improvisation skills, stage presence, range of movements, transformation, immediacy and connection with a partner on stage and with the audience.

This workshop is created for people with any level of acting experience (from beginners to professionals). Acting skills that you will gain during the workshop will be useful on the theatre stage as well as in everyday life.

Instructor: Ekaterina Shestakova
Date: Sunday, November 7th, 2010.
Time: 3:00pm to 7:00 pm, including a break
Price: $25
Location: 85 University St, University of Ottawa, room UCU 125 (call the instructor, if you get lost!).

The workshop schedule:

3:00pm – 5:00pm: Warm up; exercises for breath control and relaxation; exercises on impulse, imagination and transformation; exercise on connection establishment: non-verbal interaction with partner with elements of pantomime.

5:00pm – 5:15pm: Break. We advise you to bring water and light snacks for the break.

5:15pm – 7:00pm: Contact improvisation using methods learnt from exercises (work in pairs) and performance for the group.

Please make sure to wear clothing which is comfortable to move in. The work will be physically demanding. Footwear should ideally be soft (Outside shoes are not allowed in the studio).

Info and registration:
For more information and to REGISTER, contact Ekaterina at or call 613-868-8343.

Only 20 spots are available, so register now!

OUK Theatre opens its 3rd Season 2010-2011!

This season at Once Upon a Kingdom Theatre (more info is coming soon!):

  • Production of two plays for children in English and Russian
    January 8-9, 2011: “Fairy-Tails by the Fire”, Christmas performance for children in Alumni Auditorium, University of Ottawa (in Russian).
    June 2011: “The Little Prince”, performance for children and adults (in English).
  • Productions for youth and adults and participation in Festivals (Fringe Theatre Festival and Youth Infringement);
  • The Ball (for adults);
  • Workshops for amateur and professional actors:
    Acting Workshop: Impulse, Intuition, Transformation on October 26th.
  • New project! KeySIC – Sport, Intellectual, Creative Game. Several teams will be going through series of challenges, creative and extreme tasks in the search of a treasure in the night city (abandoned buildings, hidden places, bridges, unexpected locations and adrenaline rush!). Find the key to the hidden… Quest that will change your vision of the world!
    Interactive theatre + extreme game = Question: Is it a product of imagination or REAL life events that you become part of? You will discover…
    (We are looking for actors, partners and sponsors for this project);
    The MAFIA Club – The Night Interactive Game: games happen every two weeks. See more info on Website:
  • Theatre Studio for children;
  • And MORE!!!…

If you would like to support art and youth community in Ottawa, you can became a sponsor of Once Upon a Kingdom Theatre. Any help and support is welcome and truly appreciated! Please, contact us!

May 2010 – Time for Festivals!

Conference 2010

This spring, Once Upon a Kingdom Theatre became a participant of several festivals and conferences. OUK Theatre hosted a booth and offered several theatre workshops at the Ottawa Tulip Festival, as well as participated in the Youth Conference at OCRI, and the Youth Market at 2010 Spirit of the Capital Youth Awards. Also, read a Success Story of OUK Theatre Studio published by the Summer Company, OCRI.

Youth Reviews on “Fairy-Tales by the Fire”

Here are several extracts from the children’s reviews on the show Fairy-Tales by the Fire.

Agata Logvin, 13 years old (OUK Theatre Student)

(…) “I think overall, the main idea in both fairy-tales presented in “Fairy-Tales by the Fire” was the element of finding happiness and being different. These themes were addressed effectively by reading between the lines and understanding the main ideas as symbolism. (…)

The actors played their roles very well. Each role which was distributed to someone was different and had its own magic in it. The same actress, who played the affectionate and beautiful Pereli, Anastasia Iskhakova, played the curious and interesting Little Gnome. You should see how she made each role she played believable, by changing her personality and ways of acting, so that it corresponds to her character. (…)

All the elements on stage were perfect. There was not much decorations, but it still set the atmosphere of a magical forest by having a couple of interesting and cool set pieces and lighting changes from scene to scene. The Costume Designer, Anna Shestakova, did a fantastic job. Each character had an individual outfit and a nice touch of make-up. (…)

I would recommend this play to wise and music-enjoying audiences. (…)

I, personally, enjoyed this play very much and I loved everything about it. I suggest that everyone should see this play and be ready for more magical and great creations!”
Alexei Tipenko, 13 years old (OUK Theatre Student)

“Do you want to go to a magical fairy-tale play with great actors, astonishing music, and beautiful costumes? Well, “Fairy-Tales by the Fire” will be a great spectacle to see for you and your kids! (…)

The music played a huge role in this performance because it helped to show the emotions of the play. I think that the music in this play was very effective because there were no recorded songs. Everything was real. Dmitri Ogai and Anna Bakseeva were both the composers and the musicians of the play and brought life to the stage.(…)

If you want to see a professional yet magical play, than this will be your entertainment!”
Nina Logvin, 9 years old (OUK Theatre Student)

“Catch this emerald!”(…) The main idea of both of the stories is to believe in magic”

The Love of Don Perlimplin and Belisa In the Garden

Written by Federico Garcia Lorca 15
Directed by Ekaterina Vetrova (Shestakova)
Co-production of OUK Theatre and U of O Theatre Department
Premire: December 2nd, 2009

The Love of Don Perlimplin and Belisa in the Garden is a comic farce that descends rapidly into tragedy. Several classic themes run through the play, chiefly love, or more accurately the self-destructive nature of intense love. Lorca’s play is filled with beautiful Spanish poetry, passion of Flamenco dance, and shadows of Sprites who carry on the tale of love.

See more pictures from the show!

The Two Maple Trees

Written by Eugene Shwartz 26
Fairy-tale in Three Acts
Directed by Ekaterina Vetrova (Shestakova)
Premire: January 17th, 2009

On their thirteenth birthdays Vasilisa’s eldest sons ran away from home on a quest to fight and conquer the evils of the world. Unfortunately, both were trapped in deep dark forest by Baba-Yaga and were turned into two maple trees. After realizing that her sons had gotten themselves into serious trouble, Vasilisa embarks on a journey to find her missing children…