OUK Theatre Celebrates 11th Birthday!!!

When there is over a decade behind you, it is not that easy to recapture all the moments that made you smile, that made you heart tremble, made you fall in love, brought tears to your eyes as happiness was overwhelming, all the moments of inspiration, discoveries, flights! And YES, we had a great deal of those emotions because our theatre was always lucky to be surrounded by great friends and romantic people of all ages who dared to dream together!..
Happy Birthday, Once Upon a Kingdom Theatre!
P.S. Let’s recapture some bright moments of the past years accompanied by the song “Move the World” from the 15th World Festival of Children’s Theatre (Lingen, Germany) that still inspires us to make changes and create theatre together!



Following information can also be found on official www.childrenstheatreexchange.com website

Our theatre is in a constant search for new friends, new experiences, new ways of expression! This is how this project was born and it proved to be one of the most breathtaking journeys we’ve ever had!
We are looking for new theatre companies who want to meet with us and EXCHANGE!

Goal of the project:

Children’s Theatre Exchange provides an opportunity for children who participate in theatre groups of various cities to find friends with similar interests; exchange and share their theatre experience; broaden perception of the theatre world; learn to engage into open discussions about each other’s work skilfully and professionally; and find joy in collective creation with new people.

Basic Guidelines:

  • Participants are children’s theatre collectives only. The age of performers is up to 18 years old.
  • Theatre shows can be done in any genre and use any language of presentation.
  • Children’s shows can be either presented just for the circle of participants or can be open to general public.
  • In the end of the program, all children are required to prepare reviews/ feedback/ sketches/ video material about their participation and impressions. That feedback will be published for wide audiences to look at.
    This will help children to summarize and form an opinion about impressions from their experience; learn to discuss creative work of their friends professionally; have an opportunity to try out the profession of theatre critic.
  • Children are required to participate actively in organization of all the gathering. The teachers should give children maximum opportunity to be involved in every area of the process.
    The goal is to let children to try themselves not only in the role of actors, but also experience other theatre professions: designers, critics, managers, ushers, backstage crew, etc.
  • Participating theatres should agree on the program specifics, technical requirements, any specifics of each given collective IN ADVANCE.
  • Participating theatres are responsible for their budget, have to look for financial support to make the project happen and should help each other as much as possible.

What is expected from participating theatres that organize their exchange:

Home-Theatre Guest-Theatre
  • Theatre brings one or several shows
  • Theatre prepares workshops and “Creative Evenings” (can be an evening of theatre games, talent show, musical evening, evening of visual arts, etc).
  • Theatre is responsible for providing space for all the planned meetings, shows and events.

In addition, if the theatre has an opportunity:

  • Offers accommodations at host-families
  • Prepares tours around the town and any other cultural events
  • Helps with transportation and food for participants
  • Up to 2 Guest-Theatres can participate in the same exchange
  • Theatre brings one or several shows
  • Theatre prepares workshops and/ or “Creative Evening”
  • Transportation and food for their participants

If you are interested in the Children’s Theatre Exchange program in any way: as PARTICIPANT, SPONSOR, VOLUNTEER, COLLABORATOR, GUEST, please, get in touch with us!

OUK Theatre Celebrates 7th Birthday!

Message from Artistic Director:

“Today, January 17th, is a special day! Our dear THEATRE turns 7 years old! For me personally, as its Founder and Artistic Director, this Theatre is like my baby that I watch growing, maturing and becoming more and more independent and successful in life; like the baby that you feel and worry for its every breath, for every new step. One says, “It takes a village to raise a child” and this cannot be more true for a Theatre that cannot live without all the people who dream together, work together, and turn their craziest and most creative ideas into the reality. This is how magic gets born, and so does THEATRE!

I am infinitely grateful to our big prosperous “village” of people who raise our Theatre every day:

Thank you to our actors, directors, managers, choreographers, theatre instructors who fearlessly challenge themselves and the students to undertake the most unbelievable paths towards new artistic expressions and make our theatre modern and innovative;

Thank you to our young students who jump on any adventure with us investing their hard work, unbelievable imagination and unshakable belief that we are doing the right thing;

Thank you to our audiences simply because if you would not be there, we would not exist;

Thank you to our sponsors and supporters for helping us grow, become successful, travel abroad, and show our theatre to the world;

And of course, THANK YOU to our families and friends who always understand, support, help and live with us through every moment even when it seems strange and weird what “these theatre people do”; without you we would not have strength and inspiration to create all these new worlds!”

– Ekaterina Vetrov

Please, come to celebrate with us THE LUCKY SEVEN at our Birthday Party: Rhythms of Our Stage on Saturday, January 30th, 4-7pm at Banquet Hall, Woodroffe United Church! Performances and Birthday Cake traditionally will be there 😉 Tickets are available here: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/rhythms-of-our-stage-ouks-7th-birthday-party-tickets-20303758087


WHEN: June 18th, 6:00-8:00pmSeason Launch2015-16_June 18
WHERE: Banquet Hall, Woodroffe United Church, 207 Woodroffe Ave.

Join us and hear about our future shows, new classes, meet our new teachers and receive EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTS on our Fall Classes! 

Everyone is welcome! Bring your friends, your family and enjoy some complimentary pizza while we look towards our exciting new season!

Entrance is FREE! To attend, please, register on Eventbrite:

Meanwhile, you can preview our Fall 2015 Schedule of classes.

4th Annual Birthday Party!

Today, January 17th 2013 is a special day! We celebrate the 4th Birthday of Once Upon a Kingdom Theatre! We want to thank all our friends, colleagues, audiences, children and adults who helped us to grow and create art throughout these 4 fantastic years!

We invite you to join us for the 4th Annual Birthday Party on Saturday, January 26th, 4:30-10pm at Cafe Alternatif (60 University Pvt, basement of Simard Hall at University of Ottawa).

The theme for this year’s Birthday Party is “Theatre is a Dream” to continue dream motives of all the shows that we worked on throughout our 4th Season.

Program for the evening:
4:30-5:30pm: Celebration begins. Potluck (please, bring a dish).
5:30-7:00pm: Performances and “Shadow Competition” for children and adults.
7:00pm: Cutting the cake and Candle Time (singing favourite songs, telling stories and spending time with friends gathered around the candle).

We are looking forward to share this evening with all of our old and new friends!

If you have any questions or comments about the event, please, don’t hesitate to contact us!