LD main poster Fall2018 OttawaAWARD-WINNING SHOW CONTINUES TOURING IN 2018-2019!

November 2nd and 4th, 2018 (Ottawa, ON)
December 15th, 2018 (Washington, DC)
February 2019, date TBD (Montreal, QC)

Ages: 10+
Language: Non-verbal
Duration: 45 min
The show is presented by our Senior Acting Class.

Ottawa, ON:
Washington, DC:

The show “Lucid Dreams” is an immersive experience where audiences are taken on a journey through dreams. Ensemble of actors creates a strange world of dreams that is full of symbols, illusions and grotesque imagery through movement, contemporary dance and work with masks and objects.

What is IMMERSIVE? 26 audience members at a time enter theatrical space and participate in the action while interacting with actors and experiencing different dream worlds from the inside.

The story is based on children’s research of their own dreams that they studied for many months, then analyzed and explored through physical work on stage. This piece is created from children’s desperate desire to connect, find that “electricity” that brings people together, makes them care about each other, experience breathtaking flights, discover new boundaries of the universe, and feel the unrestrained need to share their discoveries with the whole world.

“Lucid Dreams” is a Laureate of the 15th World Festival of Children’s Theatre in Lingen, Germany (June 2018).

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Events Calendar for April-May-June 2016

Date & Time Event Location
April 23rd
Shadow Theatre Workshop at NAC
As part of our partnership with the National Arts Center Family Series we will be providing one of many activities for children before one of their concerts.  Our workshop will allow children to explore the world of shadow theatre.
National Arts Center,
53 Elgin St., Ottawa
May 7th
7 am-12pm
Come over and find some wonderful things while helping us to raise money for our students’ grand tour to the World Festival of Children’s Theatre in Stratford, ON in June 2016!
Facebook Event:
60 Lindhurst Cr, Ottawa
May 15th
Junior Performance on Earth Stage
Our Junior group will perform scenes from their new show “Gymnastics for the Little Frog” on 100 Watt Earth Stage at the Ottawa Children’s Festival.
Dining Tent,
LeBreton Flats Park in Ottawa, near the Canadian War Museum.
May 20th
7:00 pm
“Gymnastics for the Baby Frog”
by Junior Russian Acting class
Tickets: Pay What You Can at the door.
Followed by Potluck – bring a dish!
Banquet Hall,
Woodroffe United Church, 207 Woodroffe Ave, Ottawa.
May 21st
6:00 pm
“The Flying Machine” &
“The Legend of Parvana Lake”
by Intermediate and Advanced classes.
The evening of two shows followed by the Roundtable discussion – open to the public.
Tickets: Adult $12; Child $10
Academic Hall,
135 Seraphin-Marion Pvt, University of Ottawa.
May 28th
School Performance
of  “The Legend of Parvana Lake”Open to students of the school only.
Frank Ryan School,
128 Chesterton Drive.
June 4-14th
Date of the show:
June 7th
7pm & 8:15pm
World Festival of Children’s Theatre
“The Legend of Parvana Lake”
Advanced class tours to the festival with the show “The Legend of Parvana Lake”.
Stratford, ON


Birthday_Card_Simon“TODAY, January 17th 2015, our theatre turns 6 years old!

Enormous thank you to everyone who were living, dreaming and creating new worlds with us through these years! Lots of beautiful friendships were made, courageous tasks undertaken, breathtaking paths completed and just started!

…New shows, new friends, new stages, new tours, new adventures in the endless world of art!…

As one of our students said: “Theatre is my home”. And this is something that warms my heart today because it really feels like we’ve got an unique and welcoming family that grows every day.

We are still young and we have so many magical discoveries ahead!”

– Ekaterina Vetrov, Artistic Director.

OUK Theatre Birthday – 2 years in Ottawa!

For the past 2 years the company grew and developed tremendously! The theatre became home for young professional artists (actors, choreographers, designers, composers) who work on either of tree languages, English, French or Russian, as well as many volunteers who enjoy theatre experience and wish to help in various areas of production. There are more than 40 students that went through the theatre studio and summer camps; more than 50 artists participated in various projects; theatre studios are now located in Carlingwood, Orleans and University of Ottawa; theatre produces 2 professional productions, 4-6 student productions, bi-weekly events with KeySIC Project (League of Night Interactive Theatre Games for adults), and hosting many events, workshops, and artistic projects each year; the programs and shows are offered in both English and Russian languages. OUK Theatre became the fastest growing theatre for the young audiences in Ottawa! Happy Birthday and thank you everyone who supports, participates and takes care of life in our theatre!

OUK Theatre opens its 3rd Season 2010-2011!

This season at Once Upon a Kingdom Theatre (more info is coming soon!):

  • Production of two plays for children in English and Russian
    January 8-9, 2011: “Fairy-Tails by the Fire”, Christmas performance for children in Alumni Auditorium, University of Ottawa (in Russian).
    June 2011: “The Little Prince”, performance for children and adults (in English).
  • Productions for youth and adults and participation in Festivals (Fringe Theatre Festival and Youth Infringement);
  • The Ball (for adults);
  • Workshops for amateur and professional actors:
    Acting Workshop: Impulse, Intuition, Transformation on October 26th.
  • New project! KeySIC – Sport, Intellectual, Creative Game. Several teams will be going through series of challenges, creative and extreme tasks in the search of a treasure in the night city (abandoned buildings, hidden places, bridges, unexpected locations and adrenaline rush!). Find the key to the hidden… Quest that will change your vision of the world!
    Interactive theatre + extreme game = Question: Is it a product of imagination or REAL life events that you become part of? You will discover…
    (We are looking for actors, partners and sponsors for this project);
    The MAFIA Club – The Night Interactive Game: games happen every two weeks. See more info on Website:
  • Theatre Studio for children;
  • And MORE!!!…

If you would like to support art and youth community in Ottawa, you can became a sponsor of Once Upon a Kingdom Theatre. Any help and support is welcome and truly appreciated! Please, contact us!