Buzzing Carnival receives grant from the City of Ottawa!

City of Ottawa’s 2020 Diversity in the Arts Fund granted us a significant AWARD that will help us turn our Buzzing Carnival into an incredible, complex, live and really theatrical event!

We are happy beyond we can describe because it is the first grant that Once Upon a Kingdom Theatre receives from the city!

Our Buzzing Carnival have to be delayed due to current circumstances with COVID-19, but IT WILL HAPPEN and we promise that it will be even GREATER than originally planned!


LD main poster Fall2018 OttawaAWARD-WINNING SHOW CONTINUES TOURING IN 2018-2019!

November 2nd and 4th, 2018 (Ottawa, ON)
December 15th, 2018 (Washington, DC)
February 2019, date TBD (Montreal, QC)

Ages: 10+
Language: Non-verbal
Duration: 45 min
The show is presented by our Senior Acting Class.

Ottawa, ON:
Washington, DC:

The show “Lucid Dreams” is an immersive experience where audiences are taken on a journey through dreams. Ensemble of actors creates a strange world of dreams that is full of symbols, illusions and grotesque imagery through movement, contemporary dance and work with masks and objects.

What is IMMERSIVE? 26 audience members at a time enter theatrical space and participate in the action while interacting with actors and experiencing different dream worlds from the inside.

The story is based on children’s research of their own dreams that they studied for many months, then analyzed and explored through physical work on stage. This piece is created from children’s desperate desire to connect, find that “electricity” that brings people together, makes them care about each other, experience breathtaking flights, discover new boundaries of the universe, and feel the unrestrained need to share their discoveries with the whole world.

“Lucid Dreams” is a Laureate of the 15th World Festival of Children’s Theatre in Lingen, Germany (June 2018).

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All of our classes run for the Season September to May, so the same schedule applies for Winter-Spring Semester 2019.
Auditions for new students will happen in June 2019. Please, check back in May 2019 for the dates.


Time Class Instructor Location Price
September 10th – December 17th, 2018 Monday
5:45 – 8:15pm
Psychology (Communication Training) &
Advanced Acting(Senior studio)
Ages 11-15
Ekaterina Vetrov
& Irina Tsirlin
Theatre Studio,
Nepean Creative Arts Centre,35 Stafford Rd.
$455/ semester
September 11th – December 18th, 2018 Tuesday
6:00 – 8:00pm
Beginners Acting, Stage Dance and Play Production(Junior Studio)
Ages 7-10
Ekaterina Vetrov Theatre Studio, NCAC $121.50/ month
$471/ semester
September 5th – December 19th, 2018 Wednesday
5:45 – 8:15pm
Advanced Acting & Movement In Theatre(Senior studio)
Ages 11-15
Ekaterina Vetrov
& Alexander Vetrov
Theatre Studio, NCAC $557/ semester
September 9th – December 16th, 2018 Sunday
Time varies
Dance & Stretching(Senior studio)
Ages 11-15
Mariya Bugrova Dance Studio, NCAC

210/ semester

Shoes with the Squeak

Dates: May 27th at 4:30 pm and 29th at 6:30 pmSquickyShoes_Pucture
Ages: 2+
Language: Russian
Style: Object Theatre
Tickets: $10

The show “Shoes with the Squeak” is a playful piece created by Junior Acting class in the style of Object Theatre. Children gather around the Shoe Tree and start telling funny and at times sad stories about life of shoes.

Приглашаем вас на новый спектакль младшей студии “Башмаки со скрипом”!
Ребята собираются вокруг Чудо-дерева, на котором вместо листьев растут башмаки, и начинают рассказывать весёлые и порой немножко грустные истории о жизни башмаков. Обувь оживает прямо в руках у детей, превращаясь в удивительных персанажей, которые ходят, разговаривают, танцуют, ссорятся и мирятся, радуются и грустят, живут своей необыкновенной башмачной жизнью.
В спектакле обыгрываются стихи Юнны Мориц, Корнея Чуковского, Агнии Барто и Аллы Стройло.

Adult’s Opinion: Reviews/ Articles/ Interviews



Hurry to register for our Theatre Classes for children 6-15 years old! New Sessions begin in September. Spots are limited to 10 students per class, so make sure to get in touch with us early. Can’t wait to see our young actors in the Fall!


FREE THEATRE CLASS on January 14th, 2014!!!

Fantastic chance for children (7-12) to try our new theatre class before signing up for the full session!

FREE class will be held on Tuesday, Jan. 14th, 6:00-8:00pm at Woodroffe United Church. Make sure to sign up for this class in advance because we have only 10 SPOTS.

Just send an email to with your info!

** ‘SHARE’ this info with your friends, because if you bring a friend, both of you will get $15 off your session fee!;)


We would like to invite you to the end-of-the-semester performances by our young students! 

December 9th at 6:00pm – “The Fall Wind” performed by our Junior group. The show consists of movement compositions that were developed by the students based on poetry of D. Kharms, Sasha Chiornyi, S. Marshak, A. Fet, and Moris Karem. The first attempt of our little actors to talk to the audiences about the wind and what feelings the wind awakens in the Fall.

December 19th at 7:00pm – “The Music of Imagination” performed by our Senior group. The performance is done in the format of an open acting exam. Students will present scenes/ etudes that they created during the semester: “A Moment from Life of an Object”, “Stage Action in Harmony with Music”, collective movement composition “The Fall”.

The shows will be followed by a celebration and Potluck, so bring something tasty!
Admission is FREE!

Address: 207 Woodroffe Ave, Woodroffe United Church, Banquet Hall.

Cerano and the Dragon

Presented by Junior Theatre Studio
Magical story about a Hero who fights a Dragon to save beautiful Princess. Fairy-tale is told through the theatre of shadows.

Date: April 16th, 2013
Time: 5:30 pm
Location: St.Laurent Academy, 641 Sladen Ave, Ottawa
Admission: Pay-What-You-Can

Donations are also accepted. Money go towards materials for the shows and reharsals to enrich children’s experience of theatre in our studio. Money donations are not the only way to support. You can also help donating props, costumes, fabric, lights, or any other materials, offering us a rehearsal space or even your time. We greatly appreciate any input and involvement!
The show will be followed by “Potluck”, so bring a dish!