And here we are – 10 memorable years are behind us! It is not easy to put into words all the feelings and emotions that burst like fireworks today! So instead, we decided to do something that is not very obvious for artists – some MATH! Let’s look at the numbers…
During these past 10 years OUK Theatre brought to life:
– 40+ PRODUCTIONS for all ages with actors 6-30 years old!
– Over 200 creative events
– Ran over 100 WORKSHOPS in Canada and abroad
– Participated in 18 International FESTIVALS
– Organized 6 International CHILDREN’s THEATRE EXCHANGES
– Taught HUNDREDS of children and performed for THOUSANDS!
– TOURED Ottawa region, Toronto, Washington DC, Atlanta, Orlando, Stratford ON, Lingen (Germany)
– Performed for INCREDIBLE AUDIENCES that saw us on theatre stages of all sorts, forms and sizes, streets, squares and parks of different cities, festivals, National Arts Centre, universities, schools, libraries, daycares, cafes, and tons of experimental spaces!…

WE FEEL that it’s a good start to enter a NEW DECADE that attracts us with new artistic challenges, new friendships, new experiences and new theatrical adventures!


Day of the Week Class Instructor Room Description Price
Jan 9th –
May 15th 
17 Classes
Contemporary Dance & Movement In Theatre
Part 2 (paired with Advanced Acting)
Mariya Bugrova Banquet Hall 5:30-8:00pm
$125/ Month
(4 classes);
$515/ Semester

Family Special
(2 Children):
$238/ Month;
$999/ Semester

Jan 17th – May 23rd18 Classes
Beginner Dance and Movement In Theatre & Production Design
Part 2 (paired with Beginner Acting)
Mariya Bugrova
 & Aliza Itskovich
Lower Hall 6:00-8:00pm
$100/ Month
(4 classes);
$436/ Semester

Family Special
(2 Children):
$190/ Month;
$846/ Semester

Jan 11th – May 24th23 Classes
Stage Dance training
Mariya Bugrova Scout Hall 6:00-8:00pm
$108/ Month
(4 classes)

Family Special
(2 Children):
$205/ Month;
$1167/ Semester

Jan 12th – May 25th23 Classes
Advanced Acting and Play Production (Russian)
Part 1 (paired with Dance in Theatre)
Ekaterina Vetrov & Alexander Vetrov Banquet Hall 5:45-8:15pm
$135/ Month
(4 classes)
$753/ Semester

Family Special
(2 Children):
$205/ Month;

Jan 13th – May 26th
22 Classes
Beginner Acting and Play Production (Russian)
Part 1 (paired with Beginner Dance)
Ekaterina Vetrov & Aliza Itskovich Scout Hall 6:00-8:00pm
$108/ Month
(4 classes)
$576/ Semester

Family Special
(2 Children):
$205/ Month; $1121/ Semester



Registration to our Fall 2016 classes is now OPEN!
Please, take a look at the SCHEDULE HERE and get in touch with us.

Can’t wait to see our returning and new students in September!

Advanced class after their show “The Legend of Parvana Lake” @ World Festival of Children’s Theatre, Stratford, ON June 2016


OUK Children’s Theatre Studio presents an evening of two shows…Parvaan-Lake_Poster_v-07.pdf -  Inkscape

* Shows are suited for adults and children ages 7 and up.

“The Legend of Parvana Lake”/ “Легенда о Неугасимом Огне”
by Advanced Acting  class
Directed by Ekaterina Vetrov
An original show presented in Ottawa just once before it takes off to the World Festival of Children’s Theatre in Startford, ON in June 2016!

“Legend of Parvana Lake” tells a story about a beautiful Princess who decided to choose a husband by setting a challenge to the knights to find the Eternal Flame and bring it to her. But years pass, the Princess waits and waits looking through the windows of her castle, but none of the men come back… When the Princess losses her hope she starts crying. Her tears flood the valley and the castle creating a lake that is clear like a child’s tear. What happened to all those brave men and why didn’t they come back?…

This magical legend told through poetic text carries an ancient story about creation of one of the most gorgeous lakes in Georgia – Parvana Lake. The show incorporates the styles of physical theatre, shadow theatre and contemporary dance.
Actors use Russian, English and Armenian languages to tell this story, but most of all – their body language.

“The Flying Machine”
by Intermediate Acting class
Adapted by Alexandra Isenor

Time passes slowly for the children of St.Ruth’s Hospital as they attempt to enjoy what little they have in their small confined room. But when a new patient joins their ward they will find new hope in finally seeing what lies outside the hospital walls and discovering what secrets have kept them in.

Infusing movement and shadows into this adapted piece, the Intermediate English class will bring this new project to the main stage for the first time. Not only developing their characters, students have worked on props, set, lighting and sound to bring this piece to life.
Language of presentation is English.

When:      Saturday, May 21st-2016 at 6:00pm
Where:    Academic Hall at University of Ottawa, 135 Seraphin-Marion Pvt.
Tickets:   $12 – Adult, $10 – Child (14 and under).

Our Junior Acting class will also present…

“Gymnastics for the Baby Frog”/ “Гимнастика для Головастика”
by Boris Zakhoder
Directed by Ekaterina Vetrov
(The show is in Russian)

When: Friday, May 20th at 7:00pm
Where: Banquet Hall, Woodroffe United Church, 207 Woodroffe Ave, Ottawa.
Tickets: Pay What You Can at the door.
Followed by Potluck – bring a dish!


Day of the Week Class Instructor Room Description Price
Monday Sept.14th – Dec.14th *No class Oct.12th 13 Classes NEW! Contemporary Dance In Theatre (Russian) Part 2 Mariya Bugrova Banquet Hall 5:30-7pm (9-14yrs) $75/month (4 classes); $232/Semester Family Special (2 Children): $144/month; $468/Semester
Tuesday Sept.8th – Dec.15th 15 Classes Intermediate Acting and Play Production (English) & Movement in Theatre Alexandra Isenor & Simon L. Lalande Lower Hall 6:15-8:15pm (9-14yrs) $108/Month (4 classes) $385/Semester Family Special (2 Children): $205/Month; $729/Semester
Wednesday Sept.16th – Dec.16th 14 Classes NEW! Beginner/Intermediate Improv (English) ** Mid-session registration available Alexandra Isenor in Kanata 6-8pm (10-17yrs) $100/Month (4 classes) $322/Semester Family Special (2 Children): $190/Month; $630/Semester
Thursday   Sept.10th – Dec.17th 15 Classes Intermediate/Advanced Acting and Play Production (Russian) Part 1 (co-class with Dance in Theatre) Ekaterina Vetrov & Alexander Vetrov Banquet Hall 6-8pm (9-14yrs) $108/Month (4 classes) $385/Semester Family Special (2 Children): $205/Month; $729/Semester
Beginner Acting and Play Production (English) Alexandra Isenor Lower Hall 6-8pm (6-12yrs) $100/Month (4 classes); $356/Semester Family Special (2 Children): $190/Month; $675/Semester
Friday Sept.11th – Dec.18th 15 Classes Beginner Acting and Play Production (Russian) Ekaterina Vetrov & Alexander Vetrov Banquet Hall 6-8pm (6-12yrs) $100/Month (4 classes); $356/Semester Family Special (2 Children): $190/Month; $675/Semester

LOCATION: All classes (except IMPROV) take place at Woodroffe United Church, 207 Woodroffe Ave., Ottawa, ON. NEW!!! This Fall our theatre is opening a new unique program for young Stage Managers ages 11-17! And it is FREE! Get in touch with us for more info and the application form! Description: OUK Theatre’s Stage Management Practical is designed to provide young individuals who are interested in backstage work in general or specifically stage management with the tools and experience they need to develop a skill set in play production. The student chosen will be paired with one of our existing classes and be responsible for organizing props/set/costume, recording pertinent blocking, run warm-ups with cast members, closely work with actors and the director, etc (depending on the instructor’s requirements). The student will also receive one-on-one training with OUK staff, in regards to organizing/maintaining a prompt book, and other tasks required of a stage manager. This student is required to attend all rehearsals and performances the chosen class participates in. This program is offered both in English and Russian language. * OUK Theatre will be accepting 1-2 student(s) for this 2015/2016 year. Applying: Application to the Stage Management Practical requires the student to fill out a form detailing their availability, experience and interest in backstage work.  In addition, students may be required to attend an interview to further discuss their current skills in the theatrical field as well as their desire to learn new skills.  OUK staff will be available through email or phone to help students fill out forms or prepare for an interview if they so wish. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Ekaterina Vetrov at onceuponakingdom@gmail.com or  Alexandra Isenor at oukmanager@gmail.com



Hurry to register for our Theatre Classes for children 6-15 years old! New Sessions begin in September. Spots are limited to 10 students per class, so make sure to get in touch with us early. Can’t wait to see our young actors in the Fall!


OUK Theatre Summer Camp

This unique program is designed for the young English-speaking, French-speaking and also Russian-speaking learners (separate sessions for different languages). OUK Theatre offers an intense two-week theatre training for children 6-15 years old.
Spots are limited to 10 children per session!


Fees are for TEN DAYS of drama and theatrical training over TWO WEEKS. Classes run Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 4:30pm.

Session  #1 (Language: ENGLISH)
(Children 8-12 years old)

Early Bird Special – $435 if registered and paid on or before April 1st

Regular Registration – $455 if registered and paid after April 1st

Family Early Bird Special – $855 for two children if registered and paid on or before April 1st

Family Regular Registration – $895 for two children if registered and paid after April 1st

Studio 311, 135 Seraphin-Marion Pvt, Department of Theatre, University of Ottawa.

Learning process

Young participants learn to act, sing, dance, improvise, construct costumes, apply make-up, and design sets. The program runs from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm daily, Monday to Friday for two weeks. We provide our students with experienced instructors that work in theatre, dance and art industry in Canada and Europe.

Theatre experience

The purpose of the program is to nurture in children understanding and appreciation of the theatre. Throughout the course children will learn theory and practice of the theatre. The program is also designed to discover the unique talent in every child and improve his or her speech-art, self-confidence, communication skills, and ability to present on public. By linking the participatory elements of music, voice/vocal, movement/dance, set and costume design to the process, we are taking children on a journey to discover the fundamental rituals to creating live theatre.

The company presents a final production of an original play by the end of the session. Parents, extended family, and members of the community are invited to attend.

Daily schedule

9:00 – 9:15      Welcome and Warm-up

9:15 – 10:15     Voice, Dance and Rhythm Work

10:15 – 10:30  Break & Snack-time

10:30 – 11:45  Choral/Text and Scene Work

11:45 – 12:30  Lunch

12:30 – 1:45    Rehearsal & Play development

1:45 – 2:00      Break & Snack

2:00 – 4:00     Costume, set and make-up design

4:00 – 4:30     “Candle time”

To register in the camp please send a request to email: onceuponakingdom@gmail.com and we will reply with a Registration Form.

What our students say:

“Thanks a lot for organization of such a great camp! It was the coolest camp in my life!”- Agata, 11.
“We were working hard on our show and I think we had a great success!” – Alex, 7.
“Thanks to our theatre instructors! I love this camp!” – Nina, 8.
“Good luck with the next camp session and I want to return to this camp next year!” – Dasha, 11.
“I LOVE THEATRE!” – Aliza, 10.

Set Design Workshop – Spring 2014

Building the maquette with Elena.

Date: March 16th, 2014
Guest Instructor: Elena Miroshnichenko (Professional Set Designer from Montreal)
Students will explore basics of Set Design going through the whole process: selecting a scene from the play, analyzing the text, sketching set design, and finally building a maquette of their dream production.


We would like to invite you to the end-of-the-semester performances by our young students! 

December 9th at 6:00pm – “The Fall Wind” performed by our Junior group. The show consists of movement compositions that were developed by the students based on poetry of D. Kharms, Sasha Chiornyi, S. Marshak, A. Fet, and Moris Karem. The first attempt of our little actors to talk to the audiences about the wind and what feelings the wind awakens in the Fall.

December 19th at 7:00pm – “The Music of Imagination” performed by our Senior group. The performance is done in the format of an open acting exam. Students will present scenes/ etudes that they created during the semester: “A Moment from Life of an Object”, “Stage Action in Harmony with Music”, collective movement composition “The Fall”.

The shows will be followed by a celebration and Potluck, so bring something tasty!
Admission is FREE!

Address: 207 Woodroffe Ave, Woodroffe United Church, Banquet Hall.