And here we are – 10 memorable years are behind us! It is not easy to put into words all the feelings and emotions that burst like fireworks today! So instead, we decided to do something that is not very obvious for artists – some MATH! Let’s look at the numbers…
During these past 10 years OUK Theatre brought to life:
– 40+ PRODUCTIONS for all ages with actors 6-30 years old!
– Over 200 creative events
– Ran over 100 WORKSHOPS in Canada and abroad
– Participated in 18 International FESTIVALS
– Organized 6 International CHILDREN’s THEATRE EXCHANGES
– Taught HUNDREDS of children and performed for THOUSANDS!
– TOURED Ottawa region, Toronto, Washington DC, Atlanta, Orlando, Stratford ON, Lingen (Germany)
– Performed for INCREDIBLE AUDIENCES that saw us on theatre stages of all sorts, forms and sizes, streets, squares and parks of different cities, festivals, National Arts Centre, universities, schools, libraries, daycares, cafes, and tons of experimental spaces!…

WE FEEL that it’s a good start to enter a NEW DECADE that attracts us with new artistic challenges, new friendships, new experiences and new theatrical adventures!


Our THEATRE turns 5 today, January 17th, 2014!!! I can’t believe that it’s been 5 years since we opened the doors with our first show “Two Maple Trees”… I am so grateful to all my friends who made the first steps with me and supported my work throughout these years. I want to thank every single artist (actors, directors, composers, designers) who worked with us, shared their talent, love to art and unique vision of the world. My heart goes to all my professors and mentors, THE TEACHERS, who inspired me, gave knowledge, opened new borders, challenged me and gave wise advises, really they were always there to give me a hand in any difficult artistic or life situation. And I am sending big love to ALL my young students, former and present, who were brave enough to take off with us on this challenging road of theatre, they always inspired with their constant belief in magic and that everything is possible, any crazy plan can come to life and that our theatre is a beautiful place when we are all together!
With love,
Ekaterina Vetrova, Artistic Director of Once Upon a Kingdom Theatre

Dear Friends!
Our THEATRE turns 5 years this season and we would like to invite you to celebrate its Birthday with us!
When: January 18th at 3:00 – 7:00pm
Where: Banquet Hall, 207 Woodroffe Ave
Admission: $5 at the door

3:00pm – ACTING WORKSHOP for children & adults: “Pantomime” (movement and imaginary objects)! Together we will create a pantomime composition which we will all perform later that night
4:00pm – SHOW TIME! The stage will be open to student and professional actors of our company who will share the stage to perform theatrical pieces spicing it up with theatre games for everyone. If YOU would like to take part in the show (prepare a creative skit, musical piece, dance, poem, or even a speech wishing us Happy Birthday) – you are VERY WELCOME! Just make sure to contact us in advance to let us know. Though surprises are always welcomed in our theatre!;)
5:30pm – BIRTHDAY CAKE – cut our beautiful cake and enjoy some treats and hot tea.
6:00pm – CANDLE TIME – our favourite tradition when we all gather around the candle to sing our favourite songs, play the guitar and talk about everything.

– During this evening we will also have an “OPEN PIANO” – at any time you can come to a piano, put on a hat and play your favourite piece.
– There is also going to be a THEATRE LOTTERY for fun!
* If you would like to make a donation to the lottery (anything: toy, candies, gift card, or any product of your own company), please, let us know!

It’s a very special year for us, that’s why we would love to see each of you in our theatre to share beautiful memories of the past 5 years and making plans for the next years to come!

If you have any questions, please, contact us any time at 613-868-8343 or onceuponakingdom@gmail.com .