Summer 2011 Workshops and Readings!

OUK Theatre hosts FREE acting workshops and readings for children based on The Little Prince in July-August 2011 at Ottawa Public Libraries.
Please, make sure to register in advance at your library!

Jennifer Capogreco as the Little Prince.

Workshops: “Make a Splash in Theatre”

Explore scenes from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince through movement and voice exercises.
Instructors: Ekaterina Shestakova and Jennifer Capogreco
Ages 8-12
Max participants: 15
90 minutes

Tuesday, July 19 2pm
Rosemount Public Library
18 Rosemount
Ottawa, K1Y 1P4
Contact: Jennifer Johnson

Wednesday, July 20 2pm
 Public Library
50 Castlefrank
Ottawa, K2L 2N5
Contact: Annie Miller

Thursday July 21 2pm
North Gower
 Public Library
6579 Fourth Line
Ottawa, K0A 2T0
Contact: Catherine Flegg

Monday August 8, 2pm
Emerald Plaza
 Public Library
1547 Merivale
Ottawa, K2G 4V3
613-224-7874 x.222
Contact: Jessica Desilets/Tracy Facchin

Wednesday, August 10 2pm
Blackburn Hamlet
 Public Library
199 Glen Park
Ottawa, K1B 5B8
613-824-6926 ex:224
Contacts: Mary Lavergne

Thursday, August 11 2pm
 Public Library
281 Woodroffe
Ottawa, K2A 3W4
Contact: Margaret Kirkwood

Readings: “The Little Prince”
Ottawa’s Once Upon A Kingdom Theatre presents a staged reading of excerpts from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince.
Ages 8-12
Max participants: 30
60 minutes

Saturday July 23 10:30 am
Actors: Jennifer Capogreco and Martin Glassford
 Public Library
1049 Bank
Ottawa, K1S 3W9
Contact : Helene Merritt or Sue Townley

Saturday July 23 2pm
Actors: Jennifer Capogreco and Martin Glassford
St. Laurent Piblic Library

515 Côté
Ottawa, K1K 0Z8
Contact : Kristina Roudiy/Beth Goslett

Saturday August 6 10:30am
Actors: Jennifer Capogreco and Martin Glassford
Nepean Centrepointe Piblic Library

101 Centrepointe
Ottawa, K2G 5K7
Contact: Susan Zuber, Kathleen Moore

Saturday August 6 2pm
Actors: Jennifer Capogreco and Martin Glassford
Greenboro Public Library

363 Lorry Greenberg Drive
Ottawa, K1T 3P8
Contact: Lise Dumas or Andrea Madore

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