Simon L. Lalande

Simon_L_Lalande_Headshot2Simon L. Lalande has been practicing theatre since a young age. Right after primary school, Simon embarks on a four year program specializing in theatre at l’École secondaire Publique DeLaSalle. It is during his theatrical studies in high school that Simon discovers his passion for movement and dance. Following his graduation from DeLaSalle, Simon chooses to attend University of Ottawa in his quest to deepen his theatrical knowledge. In university, he played several roles but is most distinguished by his talent as a physical actor. Performances include; Kurt in FirefaceI, Pridament in L’Illusion Comique, Tartaglia in Mentire, Lord Chamberlain in Princess Ivona. It is also in University that Simon writes and directs his first cabaret show for the Ottawa Fringe Festival; Something more Glamorous: The Peacock Cabaret. After popular demand for a sequel, Simon writes and directs the sequel to his first cabaret: Something more Glamorous: Rockstars, Popstars, Everybody Dies. After university, Simon develops a passion for choreography. He choreographed and directed Rappel a play written by Louis Patrick Leroux, a Franco-Ontarian playwright. He has also choreographed Vox Theatre’s Ti-Jean de partout. His latest work could be seen in Quebec City at La Premier Acte, where he assisted in choreographing and creating the movement for Dans le bois; a play written by David Mamet, translated, directed and adapted by Danielle LeSaux-Farmer. Simon has worked with Ekaterina Vetrov on numerous projects including acting in Princess Ivona and The Changeling. He has also, very recently, joined the team at Once upon a Kingdom Theatre as a movement instructor for their latest creation The Magic Paintbrush. Simon is very happy to announce that he will be teaching theatre movement starting Fall 2015.