Princess T

Written by by Daniela Fischerova
Translated by Ivana Jlovkov-Fieldov
Directed by Hélène Ducharme
Assistant Director: Ekaterina Vetrova
Drama Guild Production
* The show is meant for adults, but would suit very well young audiences 12+
Premiere: October 29th, 2013

Prepare to step into a magical world of shadows and light, of mystery and sinister intentions, of intrigue and delight with Daniela Fischerová’s Princess T. Turandot, a cruel and tyrannical princess is forced by tradition to pick a husband. Not wanting to give up her kingdom to any man, the princess divines a series of fiendishly difficult riddles; if a suitor can figure out her puzzles they win her hand and the keys to the kingdom, if they fail certain death awaits them. Will anyone be able to solve Turandot’s enigmas and save the people of the kingdom from her authoritarian rule? Directed by Montreal’s Hélène Ducharme (Le Théâtre Motus).

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