Princess Ivona

Written by Witold Gombrowicz Princess Ivona_Poster
Translated by Krystyna Griffith-Jones
Directed by Ekaterina Vetrova (Shestakova), MFA candidate
Unicorn Theatre
Show is recommended for mature audiences (14+)
Premire: March 5th, 2013

 Award-winning show: “The Best Student Production 2013″ from the Capital Critics Circle.

“Flashes charged; lights ablaze. Models primped and polished to the utmost perfection. Welcome to the delectable world of Princess Ivona, where superficiality is craved and you dare not step a single stiletto out of place. A canon-worthy script by Witold Gombrowicz showcases Prince Philip’s absurdist revolt against the outrageous demands of his society’s norms. His personally chosen bride-to-be, Ivona, is no Cinderella in her passive, rancid and particularly bothersome actions. Though idle, Ivona singlehandedly manages to threaten the entire kingdom, which sets off an explosive downward spiral of absurd chaos. Directed by MFA candidate Ekaterina Shestakova and supervised by the remarkable Montreal-based actor-director, Peter Batakliev.”

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