WHEN: June 18th, 6:00-8:00pmSeason Launch2015-16_June 18
WHERE: Banquet Hall, Woodroffe United Church, 207 Woodroffe Ave.

Join us and hear about our future shows, new classes, meet our new teachers and receive EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTS on our Fall Classes! 

Everyone is welcome! Bring your friends, your family and enjoy some complimentary pizza while we look towards our exciting new season!

Entrance is FREE! To attend, please, register on Eventbrite:

Meanwhile, you can preview our Fall 2015 Schedule of classes.


headerApril 26th – Performance of the poetic composition “In the Fall” at the Spring Ball, Dance With Us Ottawa, 80-B, Jamie Avenue. (Senior Russian group)

May 9th – 100 Watt Earth Stage, Ottawa International Children’s Festival
10am & 11:30am – “The Myth of the Dreamcatcher”, the show by Junior English Group
3:00pm – “Theatre Debate”: live critical discussion of the show “Hansel and Gretel”, Gruppe 38. Discussion led by Brianna MacFarlane, participants – Senior group (in English).

May 11th, 4pm – “The Myth of the Dreamcatcher”, the show by Junior English Group at Assumption School.

June 5th, 6:00pm – “The Magic Paintbrush” by Senior Russian Group and “The Flying Ship” by Solo School, Atlanta. Kailash Mital Theatre, Carleton University.

Children’s Theatre Exchange: Ottawa meets Atlanta, June 2015!

Our new theatre project for children is here! Take a look!

In June 2015 two theatres will meet to participate in our new International project – Children’s Theatre Exchange: Once Upon a Kingdom Theatre (Ottawa, Canada) and Solo Theatre (Atlanta, USA).

Children’s Theatre Exchange provides an opportunity for children who participate in theatre groups of various cities to find friends with similar interests; exchange and share their theatre experience; broaden perception of the theatre world; learn to engage into open discussions about each other’s work skilfully and professionally; and find joy in collective creation with new people.

The program is designed for participants ages up to 18 years old and open to theatres who create in any genre and in any language!

In the course of one week, children will share their original shows with each other and general public (this time in Russian), participate in acting workshops lead by professional theatre practitioners, lead discussions at the round-table and theatre debates, write and publish theatre reviews, and spend unforgettable days full of friendship and creativity.

The shows will take place on June 5th at Kailash Mital Theatre at Carleton U and open to general public!
“Летучий корабль”/ “The Flying Ship”, directed by Ivan Logvinov, Solo Theatre.
“Волшебная кисточка”/ “The Magic Brush”, directed by Ekaterina Vetrov, OUK Theatre.
Tickets are on sale NOW!

If you’d like to SUPPORT this unique initiative, please, check out our cool video and donate today!
Even $1 matters for us! All sponsors will receive cool gifts!
Let’s help children to realize their dreams!


Birthday_Card_Simon“TODAY, January 17th 2015, our theatre turns 6 years old!

Enormous thank you to everyone who were living, dreaming and creating new worlds with us through these years! Lots of beautiful friendships were made, courageous tasks undertaken, breathtaking paths completed and just started!

…New shows, new friends, new stages, new tours, new adventures in the endless world of art!…

As one of our students said: “Theatre is my home”. And this is something that warms my heart today because it really feels like we’ve got an unique and welcoming family that grows every day.

We are still young and we have so many magical discoveries ahead!”

- Ekaterina Vetrov, Artistic Director.

OUKTheatre 6th Anniversary Fundraising Event

OUK_6thBirthday_Poster_11Jan2015_EN_web Once Upon a Kingdom Theatre invites you to its 6th Anniversary Fundraising Event!

The theme for the evening - “Poetry Night: Colourful World of Imagination”. Children and adults will gather on stage to share poems on different languages in traditional cozy environment of our theatre.

Saturday, January 31, 2015.
5pm-8pm at Woodroffe United Church, Banquet Hall
– 207 Woodroffe Avenue.

 Tickets: Pay-What-You-Can at the door
Contact to reserve (Limited Seating Available). RSVP by January 25th.
613-868-8343, 613-9868-118 or

DRESS CODE: Colourful clothes!

In the program of the evening:

- The featured guests and performers: actors from Ottawa theatre community, our students and local poets.

The stage is open for everyone! If you want to share a poem, send us a message with your poem and we will be happy to include you in the program!

- Stage decorated with art works by young artists.

- “Art Table” for children with creative tasks for the evening.

- Face Painting

- Guests will be invited to taste Birthday cake and traditional Russian tea

- One of the special invited guests – Mayor Jim Watson.

All the proceeds will go to support the first International Children’s Theatre Exchange project that we will be hosting in Ottawa in June 2015. Be prepared to learn about this exciting beginning!

** Money donations are not the only way to support. You can also help donating props, costumes, lumber, fabric, any other materials, offering us a rehearsal space or even your time. We greatly appreciate any input and involvement!
Here is the list of things we are looking for to create our children’s shows and bring the new project to life:
- Fabrics
- Paper/ pencils/ markers/ craft materials
- Paint
- Lumber
- Nails/ screws
- Costumes
- Food donations
- or in the form of gift cards to
Dollarama, Home Depot, Vallue Village,
Canadian Tire, Winners, etc.




We would like to invite you to watch the final presentations by our students that highlight their work of the first semester. All shows consist of short scenes and acting exercises that the students mastered over the past 3 months.

December 14th, 2:30-3:30pm (Senior Group): Advanced Acting Open Class.
Location: Banquet Hall at Woodroffe United Church, 207 Woodroffe Ave.
The focus of this term has been process, not presentation; to that end we would love to have your presence on the last day of our process together! We will offer you a taste of our work together, all aimed at enriching and developing the skills of the actors – such as using text to create a moment in the life of a character, deceptively simple acting exercises, and some mini scenes using a minimal of spoken language but a wealth of unspoken language.

December 15th, 5:30-7:00pm (Junior Group #1): Spooks and Sounds.
Location: Banquet Hall at Woodroffe United Church, 207 Woodroffe Ave.
From the land of monsters and witches comes our tales of hauntings and myth. Through the development of the voice and innovative use of the body, our young actors have worked to incorporate sound effects to compliment our spooky tales.

December 16th, 7:00-8:30pm (Junior Group #2): Living Objects: A Workshop in Puppetry
Location: Lower Hall at Woodroffe United Church, 207 Woodroffe Ave.
From small refined details to large boisterous personalities our actors have been working to animate and characterize the inanimate to delight all audiences. Requiring the utmost focus and imagination these young actors are eager to share their puppet characters created from their own imaginations.



Hurry to register for our Theatre Classes for children 6-15 years old! New Sessions begin in September. Spots are limited to 10 students per class, so make sure to get in touch with us early. Can’t wait to see our young actors in the Fall!



On June 2nd 2014, our theatre with Senior Theatre Studio returned from Washington DC with two fantastic AWARDS for our show A Girl With Star Eyes: “The Best Director” (Ekaterina Vetrova) and “The Best Supporting Actor” (Misha Tsirlin)!!! International Festival of Russian-Speaking Children’s and Youth Theaters was such a beautiful highlight of the year! Congratulations to all of our young actors (Misha, Natasha, Aliza, AngelinaMark, and Sasha) for such a hard work during the year that fully paid off!  And huge thanks to the whole team: Alexander Vetrov for brilliant tech work, organizational work and huge care about every little aspect of our tour, Olga Frolova for help, support and such important public relations, and of course PARENTS who went with us to Washington, were driving us 1000km there and back, fed us, took care of everyone, and made such a great fun company!
More pictures, video and article about our trip will be coming out soon!


adaptation of Scandinavian fairy-tale by Zinken Hopp.
Junior Russian Group #1 (ages 6-10)

Saturday, May 10 at 2:30pm - performance at Ottawa International Children’s Festival, 100 Watt Earth Stage, the Dining Tent (field of the War Museum)
Monday, May 26th at 6:00pm - home studio performance at Woodroffe United Church, 207 Woodroffe Ave, the Banquet Hall.
Followed by celebration and potluck (bring a dish)!
Tickets: Pay What You Can at the door.

Senior Group (ages 10-14) in English
Sat. May 10th at 1:15 and Sun. May 11th at 2:00pm
Critical discussion and debate where students will talk on stage about two shows that they have just seen: The City and Iris & Under the Stars.
Location: Ottawa International Children’s Festival, 100 Watt Earth Stage, the Dining Tent (field of the War Museum)

Junior Russian Group #2 (ages 6-10)
Physical theatre performance about travelling among the stars from one fantastic planet to another. Journey that will be enjoyed by any language speaking audience!
Sunday, May 18th at 11:00am.
Location: University of Ottawa Theatre Department, 135 Seraphin-Marion Pvt., studio 311 (3rd floor).
Followed by celebration and potluck (bring a dish)!
Tickets: Pay What You Can at the door.

Junior English Group (ages 8-13)
Physical performance that presents mask work, poems, choreography and elements of stage combat.
Tuesday, May 20th at 7:00pm.
Location: Woodroffe United Church, 207 Woodroffe Ave, the Banquet Hall.
Followed by celebration and potluck (bring a dish)!
Tickets: Pay What You Can at the door.

adaptation of Finnish fairy-tale by S. Topelius
Senior Group (ages 10-14) in Russian
May 31st – June 1st: if you happen to be in Washington DC, come and see our performance in a contest program at 4th International Festival of Russian-Speaking Children’s and Youth Theatres. Full info is here:

Enjoy a really eventful May with us!!!


Our students now have their own Youth Criticism page at From the Cheap Seats Website! Take a look and read some great reviews that reveal children’s perspective on Ottawa scene.