MAKE A WISH – 8th Theatre Birthday!

Happy 8th Birthday to our grown baby – our THEATRE! Over the years our theatre became this special place where very different people find each other to join in one strong desire: to explore, to learn, to experiment, to create new worlds that at first might live just in our imagination, but when they come to life on stage, they become so real and so dear to everyone who comes in touch with them. This is what is called a true magic! And it is hard to express how important to have this safe place where anyone, child or adult, can come with an open heart and learn to share through artistic expression the feelings, thoughts, impressions, experiences, or visions that often hide deep inside us and tends to get lost in the fast-paced everyday life.

Let’s wish our Theatre Happy Birthday and wish it grow with every year to fit in its heart more artists, more friends, more creations, more beautiful worlds!

LEAVE YOUR WISH ON THE WALL OF OUR THEATRE! You can keep adding wishes, share memories, upload pictures, write poems (in Russian, English or French!) to give a big boost of positive energy to our theatre for the year to come! We will read the most special wishes from the stage at our OUK’s 8th Birthday Party: Chronos Ville on January 28th!

Do it on our Facebook page or send us an email!

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