Ludmylla Reis

Ludmylla ReisAs a believer in the power of humanity Ludmylla chose Theatre as her venue of expression due to its direct relation among minds and bodies. She holds a B.A in Performing Arts from Casa das Artes de Laranjeiras in Brazil, her home country. Ludmylla is currently exploring new practices as candidate of MFA in Theatre Directing at University of Ottawa. One of her career pursuits is to bring diversity of processes to the community and offer an open space for multidisciplinary practices enhancing the collective power of live arts. Her training includes Stanislavky’s method, Grotowsky studies, Divised Directing, Clown, Movement for Theatre, Tap dance, Design, Dramaturgy and Lighting design. For 8 years she volunteered in Rotary International Youth programs, reserving a special place in her heart for young minds development.