About Our Youth Critics

Youth Criticism 2013

Discussion after seeing the show Princess T at the Academic Hall.

THEATRE CRITIQUE is one of the most intriguing and demanding professions in the world of theatre. It requires knowledge, taste, writing skills, style, sharp eye, and courage to talk truthfully about theatre productions.

Our students immerse into experience of this theatre profession by attending various theatre productions around Ottawa and International Theatre Festivals, studying theatre criticism in our classes, meeting professional directors, actors and critics, writing and publishing reviews, organizing and participating in theatre debates, and learning to talk about Theatre with sincerity, open hearts, and professionalism.

Please, enjoy reading selection of the best reviews by our Youth Critics in the posts below.


Theatre Criticism_Washington

Desperately writing notes at the International Children and Youth Theatre Festival in Washington, DC.

In the Fall 2013 we started to collaborate with the young talented local critic, Brianna MacFarlane, MA candidate at the University of Ottawa Theatre Department, who founded a group of The New Ottawa Critics. Since then, Brianna took our students on a journey to the world of criticism, taught a number of workshops, and created a special page on the From the Cheap Seats Website where Youth Critics get a chance to publish their best reviews!
Take a look and read some great reviews that reveal children’s perspective on Ottawa scene.


Youth Reviews on “Fairy-Tales by the Fire”

Here are several extracts from the children’s reviews on the show Fairy-Tales by the Fire.

Agata Logvin, 13 years old (OUK Theatre Student)

(…) “I think overall, the main idea in both fairy-tales presented in “Fairy-Tales by the Fire” was the element of finding happiness and being different. These themes were addressed effectively by reading between the lines and understanding the main ideas as symbolism. (…)

The actors played their roles very well. Each role which was distributed to someone was different and had its own magic in it. The same actress, who played the affectionate and beautiful Pereli, Anastasia Iskhakova, played the curious and interesting Little Gnome. You should see how she made each role she played believable, by changing her personality and ways of acting, so that it corresponds to her character. (…)

All the elements on stage were perfect. There was not much decorations, but it still set the atmosphere of a magical forest by having a couple of interesting and cool set pieces and lighting changes from scene to scene. The Costume Designer, Anna Shestakova, did a fantastic job. Each character had an individual outfit and a nice touch of make-up. (…)

I would recommend this play to wise and music-enjoying audiences. (…)

I, personally, enjoyed this play very much and I loved everything about it. I suggest that everyone should see this play and be ready for more magical and great creations!”
Alexei Tipenko, 13 years old (OUK Theatre Student)

“Do you want to go to a magical fairy-tale play with great actors, astonishing music, and beautiful costumes? Well, “Fairy-Tales by the Fire” will be a great spectacle to see for you and your kids! (…)

The music played a huge role in this performance because it helped to show the emotions of the play. I think that the music in this play was very effective because there were no recorded songs. Everything was real. Dmitri Ogai and Anna Bakseeva were both the composers and the musicians of the play and brought life to the stage.(…)

If you want to see a professional yet magical play, than this will be your entertainment!”
Nina Logvin, 9 years old (OUK Theatre Student)

“Catch this emerald!”(…) The main idea of both of the stories is to believe in magic”