Halloween Lovers Invited!

Route your Trick or Treating trail through the magical location of our theatre: b4d2f2aa80304a0d50ec7b1e88d82ced

- Fairy-tale characters will come to life on shadow screens and will tell many fascinating stories;
- Freakiest creatures will dance for you in the moonlight;
- Magic Door will share candies with all the kids!

The performances will be held outside, you can stop by on your way at any time between 6:30-7:30pm on Halloween night, October 31st!

 Location: 279 Compton Ave, Ottawa.

Our students will be delighted to surprise and scare you! ;)

All the performances are FREE of admission. Donations in the form of CANDIES are accepted by our young performers!



NOVEMBER 6 and DECEMBER 4th, 2016
4:30 pm  - 7:30 pm

This workshop is created for Adults (17+). Professionals, students, teachers, as well as beginners who have passion for magical theatre are invited to participate!
We invite you to explore the world of shadows and light and learn new technique: what screens and lights to use, how to make and operate shadow puppets, story telling through shadows, how to strengthen your hands and body to work with shadows, learn to colour your shadows, use moving screens and find out how to apply shadow theatre to your own artistic work.

Instructors: Ekaterina Vetrov and Alexander Vetrov
Location: Studio 311, Department of Theatre, 135 Seraphin-Marion Pvt., University of Ottawa.
Duration: 3 hours.

Please, read COMPLETE DESCRIPTION of the workshops.


Registration to our Fall 2016 classes is now OPEN!
Please, take a look at the SCHEDULE HERE and get in touch with us.

Can’t wait to see our returning and new students in September!

Advanced class after their show “The Legend of Parvana Lake” @ World Festival of Children’s Theatre, Stratford, ON June 2016

Events Calendar for April-May-June 2016

Date & Time Event Location
April 23rd
Shadow Theatre Workshop at NAC
As part of our partnership with the National Arts Center Family Series we will be providing one of many activities for children before one of their concerts.  Our workshop will allow children to explore the world of shadow theatre.
National Arts Center,
53 Elgin St., Ottawa
May 7th
7 am-12pm
Come over and find some wonderful things while helping us to raise money for our students’ grand tour to the World Festival of Children’s Theatre in Stratford, ON in June 2016!
Facebook Event:
60 Lindhurst Cr, Ottawa
May 15th
Junior Performance on Earth Stage
Our Junior group will perform scenes from their new show “Gymnastics for the Little Frog” on 100 Watt Earth Stage at the Ottawa Children’s Festival.
Dining Tent,
LeBreton Flats Park in Ottawa, near the Canadian War Museum.
May 20th
7:00 pm
“Gymnastics for the Baby Frog”
by Junior Russian Acting class
Tickets: Pay What You Can at the door.
Followed by Potluck – bring a dish!
Banquet Hall,
Woodroffe United Church, 207 Woodroffe Ave, Ottawa.
May 21st
6:00 pm
“The Flying Machine” &
“The Legend of Parvana Lake”
by Intermediate and Advanced classes.
The evening of two shows followed by the Roundtable discussion – open to the public.
Tickets: Adult $12; Child $10
Academic Hall,
135 Seraphin-Marion Pvt, University of Ottawa.
May 28th
School Performance
of  “The Legend of Parvana Lake”Open to students of the school only.
Frank Ryan School,
128 Chesterton Drive.
June 4-14th
Date of the show:
June 7th
7pm & 8:15pm
World Festival of Children’s Theatre
“The Legend of Parvana Lake”
Advanced class tours to the festival with the show “The Legend of Parvana Lake”.
Stratford, ON


OUK Children’s Theatre Studio presents an evening of two shows…Parvaan-Lake_Poster_v-07.pdf -  Inkscape

* Shows are suited for adults and children ages 7 and up.

“The Legend of Parvana Lake”/ “Легенда о Неугасимом Огне”
by Advanced Acting  class
Directed by Ekaterina Vetrov
An original show presented in Ottawa just once before it takes off to the World Festival of Children’s Theatre in Startford, ON in June 2016!

“Legend of Parvana Lake” tells a story about a beautiful Princess who decided to choose a husband by setting a challenge to the knights to find the Eternal Flame and bring it to her. But years pass, the Princess waits and waits looking through the windows of her castle, but none of the men come back… When the Princess losses her hope she starts crying. Her tears flood the valley and the castle creating a lake that is clear like a child’s tear. What happened to all those brave men and why didn’t they come back?…

This magical legend told through poetic text carries an ancient story about creation of one of the most gorgeous lakes in Georgia – Parvana Lake. The show incorporates the styles of physical theatre, shadow theatre and contemporary dance.
Actors use Russian, English and Armenian languages to tell this story, but most of all – their body language.

“The Flying Machine”
by Intermediate Acting class
Adapted by Alexandra Isenor

Time passes slowly for the children of St.Ruth’s Hospital as they attempt to enjoy what little they have in their small confined room. But when a new patient joins their ward they will find new hope in finally seeing what lies outside the hospital walls and discovering what secrets have kept them in.

Infusing movement and shadows into this adapted piece, the Intermediate English class will bring this new project to the main stage for the first time. Not only developing their characters, students have worked on props, set, lighting and sound to bring this piece to life.
Language of presentation is English.

When:      Saturday, May 21st-2016 at 6:00pm
Where:    Academic Hall at University of Ottawa, 135 Seraphin-Marion Pvt.
Tickets:   $12 – Adult, $10 – Child (14 and under).

Our Junior Acting class will also present…

“Gymnastics for the Baby Frog”/ “Гимнастика для Головастика”
by Boris Zakhoder
Directed by Ekaterina Vetrov
(The show is in Russian)

When: Friday, May 20th at 7:00pm
Where: Banquet Hall, Woodroffe United Church, 207 Woodroffe Ave, Ottawa.
Tickets: Pay What You Can at the door.
Followed by Potluck – bring a dish!

OUK Theatre Celebrates 7th Birthday!

Message from Artistic Director:

“Today, January 17th, is a special day! Our dear THEATRE turns 7 years old! For me personally, as its Founder and Artistic Director, this Theatre is like my baby that I watch growing, maturing and becoming more and more independent and successful in life; like the baby that you feel and worry for its every breath, for every new step. One says, “It takes a village to raise a child” and this cannot be more true for a Theatre that cannot live without all the people who dream together, work together, and turn their craziest and most creative ideas into the reality. This is how magic gets born, and so does THEATRE!

I am infinitely grateful to our big prosperous “village” of people who raise our Theatre every day:

Thank you to our actors, directors, managers, choreographers, theatre instructors who fearlessly challenge themselves and the students to undertake the most unbelievable paths towards new artistic expressions and make our theatre modern and innovative;

Thank you to our young students who jump on any adventure with us investing their hard work, unbelievable imagination and unshakable belief that we are doing the right thing;

Thank you to our audiences simply because if you would not be there, we would not exist;

Thank you to our sponsors and supporters for helping us grow, become successful, travel abroad, and show our theatre to the world;

And of course, THANK YOU to our families and friends who always understand, support, help and live with us through every moment even when it seems strange and weird what “these theatre people do”; without you we would not have strength and inspiration to create all these new worlds!”

- Ekaterina Vetrov

Please, come to celebrate with us THE LUCKY SEVEN at our Birthday Party: Rhythms of Our Stage on Saturday, January 30th, 4-7pm at Banquet Hall, Woodroffe United Church! Performances and Birthday Cake traditionally will be there ;) Tickets are available here: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/rhythms-of-our-stage-ouks-7th-birthday-party-tickets-20303758087

OUK’s 7th Birthday Party: Rhythms of Our Stage

Saturday, JANUARY 30th, 4:00-7:00pm 10646627_10156324735685580_5861521697229649522_n
at Banquet Hall, 207 Woodroffe Ave, Woodroffe United Church.

Join Once Upon A Kingdom Theatre as we celebrate our 7th year! 

This year’s theme explores relations between music, dance and theatre. Our student and local actors will perform great pieces that merge all of these artistic disciplines!
What to expect:
- Live surprise performances
- Interactive theatre games for everyone and Prizes!
- Sweet treats and delicious Birthday Cake
- Shadow theatre station to explore
- Illuminated Dance party for children
- Wonderful atmosphere of fun and creativity!
- And more…
Adults $15
Children (5-16 yrs) $10
Family Package (4 tickets) $40
Free for children under 5 and for OUK Theatre students
This is one of our most popular events, so make sure to get your tickets in advance because seats are limited!

All proceeds go towards providing props, costumes, lighting, and more for our young actors in 2016.

Free admission for all OUK Students – ask your instructor for your promo code.


Same Time, Next Year (Touring show!)

“На том же месте в будущем году”Metropolis_NaTomZheMeste-Ottawa_Poster_082015

Romantic comedy by Bernard Slade
OUK Theatre brings Metropolis Theater from Atlanta GA.
American classics performed in Russian – special treat for Ottawa!

January 9th, 2016 at 7:00 pm

Location: Academic Hall, 135 Seraphin-Marion Pvt, University of Ottawa


Creation In Motion

We aits_showtimere happy to invite you to another series of Open Theatre Presentations where our students will share with you some secrets of theatre creation that they were busy with for the past 3 months.

Friday, December 11, 6:30 pmBeginners Russian group at Banquet Hall. Instructors: Ekaterina Vetrov and Alexander Vetrov.
Tuesday, December 15, 6:45 pm – Intermediate English group and Improv class at Lower Hall. Instructors: Alexandra Isenor and Simon L. Lalande.
Thursday, December 17, 6:30 pm – Advanced Russian group (Acting and Dance) at Banquet Hall. Instructors: Ekaterina Vetrov, Alexander Vetrov, Mariya Bugrova.

All performances are FREE and located at Woodroffe United Church (207 Woodroffe Ave.).
Voluntarily donations can be done at the entrance.
There is a celebration of the end of the session after each performance in a form of POTLUCK! Bring a tasty dish and join our theatre crowd!

Please, share with your friends of all ages, so they could also enjoy an evening of theatre!

Looking forward to see you all in our theatre!




Our theatre has been accepted to the World Festival of Children’s Theatre to represent CANADA among other 18 countries from six continents! This huge European festival will be coming to North America for the first time, taking place in StratfordON, June 5-14th, 2016. We could not be more happy, honoured and inspired to be the only theatre company from Canada to be selected by the International jury!

Our Senior Advanced group (ages 9-15) will be bringing our new creation “The Legend of Parvana Lake”- the show done in the style of physical theatre and shadow theatre with elements of contemporary dance. You can catch this show in Ottawa on May 21st, 2016 at the Academic Hall, University of Ottawa. More information to follow!

Follow us in our Facebook Group as we prepare for this big challenge!

Read an article “Local troupe gets big invitation” in Metro News Ottawa! http://www.metronews.ca/news/ottawa/2015/10/04/local-theatre-company-going-to-international-festival.html

If you would like to support children helping their most passionate theatre dreams come true, press DONATE button and make a big difference in your community! All donations will go towards set, costumes and lighting for shadows as we prepare for the show, as well as food, transportation and accommodations for our students  to make their touring experience as smooth and memorable as possible! THANK YOU!