Buzzing Carnival receives grant from the City of Ottawa!

City of Ottawa’s 2020 Diversity in the Arts Fund granted us a significant AWARD that will help us turn our Buzzing Carnival into an incredible, complex, live and really theatrical event!

We are happy beyond we can describe because it is the first grant that Once Upon a Kingdom Theatre receives from the city!

Our Buzzing Carnival have to be delayed due to current circumstances with COVID-19, but IT WILL HAPPEN and we promise that it will be even GREATER than originally planned!

OUK Theatre Studio for children!


Once Upon a Kingdom Theatre invites children 6-16 years old to the theatre studio!

In our theatre your children will be studying the best of the world literature and art, will learn to sing, dance and draw, will become confident and free in public presentations, will develop creative thinking, and discover their talents. And most importantly, they will find new friends who share the same passion for theatre!

In the program of the studio: production of plays, acting, stage movement/ dance, stage speech/ vocal, stage combat; set, costume and make-up design, lighting and sound design, stage management, and theatre criticism. All classes are taught at the highest professional level to provide intensive training for children. All of our instructors have Masters Degree in Theatre and are practicing artists in Ottawa and abroad.

Our advanced classes tour with their productions around the world, participate at international theatre festivals and children’s theatre exchanges. We help them to see theatre from the global perspective, receive training from world-famous theatre professionals, meet new like-minded friends around the world, and create shows that are up to the international standard of modern art and theatre.

Winter-Spring 2020

AUDITIONS for NEW students will happen in June 2020. Please, check back in May 2020 for the dates.


Time Class Instructor Location Price
January 6th –
June 8th, 2020
5:45 – 8:15pm
Advanced Acting and Play Production
(Senior studio)
Ages 11-15
Ekaterina Vetrov Theatre Studio,
Nepean Creative Arts Centre,35 Stafford Rd.
January 7th –
June 9th, 2020
6:00 – 8:00pm
Beginners Acting and Play Production
(Junior Studio)
Ages 7-10
Ekaterina Vetrov Theatre Studio, NCAC $616
January 8th –
June 10th, 2020
5:45 – 8:15pm
Advanced Acting & Movement In Theatre
(Senior studio)
Ages 11-15
Ekaterina Vetrov
& Alexander Vetrov
Theatre Studio, NCAC $742.50
January – June
Last Sunday of the month
12:30 – 4:30 pm
Special Workshop with Guest Artist
Ages 7-15
Different instructors Theatre Studio, NCAC


January 12th –
June 14th, 2020
10:15 am – 12:15 pm
Pre-Junior Acting and Speech
Ages 5-7
Irina Tsirlin Music Studio 01, NCAC $513

Buzzing Carnival 2020 – Ottawa, ON


We are hosting a huge event that will bring together local and international children’s arts groups as well as any child that joins us! Children will be fully in charge! They will run the Buzzing Parade that will walk the streets of Ottawa, perform shows in the theatre, create an outdoor concert, and finish the night with a breathtaking outdoor party! Join the territory of childhood, fun and arts! 58e91ba4eb97430e81906507

When: June 7, 2020
Where: Tabaret Hall Lawn, 550 Cumberland St, Ottawa, ON
Ages: 0+
Duration: 4:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Tickets: FREE
For special inquiries, please, contact us at or +1(613)868-8343

OUK Theatre Celebrates 11th Birthday!!!

When there is over a decade behind you, it is not that easy to recapture all the moments that made you smile, that made you heart tremble, made you fall in love, brought tears to your eyes as happiness was overwhelming, all the moments of inspiration, discoveries, flights! And YES, we had a great deal of those emotions because our theatre was always lucky to be surrounded by great friends and romantic people of all ages who dared to dream together!..
Happy Birthday, Once Upon a Kingdom Theatre!
P.S. Let’s recapture some bright moments of the past years accompanied by the song “Move the World” from the 15th World Festival of Children’s Theatre (Lingen, Germany) that still inspires us to make changes and create theatre together!

Christmas Fundraising

 Our youngest actors are as busy as Santa’s elves! They are baking for our Theatre’s Christmas Fundraising! I can tell you that the smell in the house is absolutely mouth watering!
Come and get some beautiful and tasty cookies (Chocolate, Vanilla, Rum, and try our signature Hot Winter Teas (Swedish Tea and Sea Buckthorn Теа), Hot Chocolate!
When: December 29th, 11:00 am – 5:00 pm
December 30th, 3:30-5:30 pm
Where: outside of Universe DanceArt Studio (115 Terence Matthews Crescent, Kanata)
Have a hot tea or chocolate and a cookie while your children enjoy fun and festive celebration presented by our friends, Universe Dance Art Studio!
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Dear Students and Parents! 50673203_10102475702355646_1416886019910795264_o

We would like to let you know about plans for our 2019-2020 Season.

Our Artistic Director, Ekaterina Vetrov, is planning to take 3 months in the Fall to do intense theatre training, practicum and work at Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Upon her return, we are preparing to take work of Once Upon a Kingdom Theatre to a new level and explore new creative directions that will incorporate the latest discoveries in international theatre practices.

Meanwhile, all classes will be postponed until January 2020. Auditions (for new students) to our Junior class and pre-registration interviews with our Senior students will happen in December 2019.

Our theatre does not stop its work for this period, we just go into so much needed planning and reorganizing phase. So please, feel free to contact us at any time with your thoughts, ideas, suggestions, projects and news!

Sending you our warmest regards!
Board of Directors: Ekaterina Vetrov, Alexander Vetrov, Maria Bugrova


And here we are – 10 memorable years are behind us! It is not easy to put into words all the feelings and emotions that burst like fireworks today! So instead, we decided to do something that is not very obvious for artists – some MATH! Let’s look at the numbers…
During these past 10 years OUK Theatre brought to life:
– 40+ PRODUCTIONS for all ages with actors 6-30 years old!
– Over 200 creative events
– Ran over 100 WORKSHOPS in Canada and abroad
– Participated in 18 International FESTIVALS
– Organized 6 International CHILDREN’s THEATRE EXCHANGES
– Taught HUNDREDS of children and performed for THOUSANDS!
– TOURED Ottawa region, Toronto, Washington DC, Atlanta, Orlando, Stratford ON, Lingen (Germany)
– Performed for INCREDIBLE AUDIENCES that saw us on theatre stages of all sorts, forms and sizes, streets, squares and parks of different cities, festivals, National Arts Centre, universities, schools, libraries, daycares, cafes, and tons of experimental spaces!…

WE FEEL that it’s a good start to enter a NEW DECADE that attracts us with new artistic challenges, new friendships, new experiences and new theatrical adventures!


AWARD-WINNING SHOW CONTINUES TOURING IN 2018-2019!LD main poster Fall2018 Ottawa

November 2nd and 4th, 2018 (Ottawa, ON)
December 15th, 2018 (Washington, DC)
February 2019, date TBD (Montreal, QC)

Ages: 10+
Language: Non-verbal
Duration: 45 min
The show is presented by our Senior Acting Class.

Ottawa, ON:
Washington, DC:


The show “Lucid Dreams” is an immersive experience where audiences are taken on a journey through dreams. Ensemble of actors creates a strange world of dreams that is full of symbols, illusions and grotesque imagery through movement, contemporary dance and work with masks and objects.

What is IMMERSIVE? 26 audience members at a time enter theatrical space and participate in the action while interacting with actors and experiencing different dream worlds from the inside.

The story is based on children’s research of their own dreams that they studied for many months, then analyzed and explored through physical work on stage. This piece is created from children’s desperate desire to connect, find that “electricity” that brings people together, makes them care about each other, experience breathtaking flights, discover new boundaries of the universe, and feel the unrestrained need to share their discoveries with the whole world.

“Lucid Dreams” is a Laureate of the 15th World Festival of Children’s Theatre in Lingen, Germany (June 2018).

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